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Sunset at Sinai

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In Egypt, under Ptolemy II, a road was built linking Marsa Alam and Edfu and is still in use. Tourists wishing to travel on this route used to do that in convoys until the recent past, and probably still do.

Taxis needs to take prior permission from the relevant authorities before transporting tourists.

I travelled on this road from Marsa Alam to Luxor one warm evening last year.

These are some shots of the sunset viewed from the desert road running along the Sinai.

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Kuwait Towers

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A view from the Observation Sphere of the Tower

The Kuwait Towers consist of 3 towers situated along the Gulf Street, Kuwait. The towers were built by Energoprojekt, a company from Belgrade. They opened to the public in March of 1979.

Reflection on the triangular panels

The main tower is 187 metres high and serves as a restaurant and water tower alleged to be holding 4,500 cubic meters of water. It also has a moving Viewing Sphere which completes a full turn every 30 minutes. The second tower is 145.8 metres high and serves as a water tower. The third tower houses equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two larger towers.

Kuwait Towers from a distance

Camel Rider at Giza

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