My World Tuesday~6: Liberation Tower


My World Tuesday




At 372 m, the Liberation Tower of Kuwait is supposedly the world’s 21st tallest free standing structure in the world.   The Tower contains a revolving restaurant and observation platform and also houses radio and other telecommunications offices. It is also called the Telecommunications Tower.

Happy MWT and best wishes to all visitors to my blogs.

– celine

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23 Responses to “My World Tuesday~6: Liberation Tower”

  1. That is one tall tower! Thanks for showing us.

  2. Looks nice! I’d love to go up and take shots of the neighboring cites! And nice shots!

  3. Wow! great pictures, breathtaking tower.

  4. Celine: You must get a beautiful view while eating in the tower.

  5. Cool shots! Love the night capture!
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. Oh this is that tower. Very cool.

  7. WOW! Awesome shots! 😀

  8. Great photos. I always love your posts.

  9. These really are impressive.

  10. See myworld our tower KL Tower.
    Great photo and Thanks for sharing your world.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Great composition. I love that top photo!

  12. Oh my! What an impressive tower – very unique design. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. I liked the angle of the shot. Have you ever been there, up there? Wonder what must be the view from there.

  14. Interesting to learn that Kuwait has a tall tower too. It seems like this is becoming a trend of many cities.

    Happy My World Tuesday!

  15. a towering world!! beautiful captures!

    coming to mumbai for christmas holidays? good time to be in mumbai!

  16. Sure looks like a tall tower.

  17. Wow. I love the perspective of the first shot. That is impressive.

  18. I like the various angles you took the shots from. NICE!

  19. i totally like these shots of liberation tower.
    thanks for sharing….

  20. I would love to dine in that restaurant someday 🙂

    Great shots.Good luck with the new blog!

  21. It’s an amazing tower and you captured it superbly.

  22. You have chosen dizzying perspectives, Celine. Perfect for capturing the essence of the 21st tallest free-standing structure in the world!

  23. indicainq8 Says:

    Thank you all.

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