My World Tuesday~4: National Assembly


My World Tuesday is a meme that shows the world around us. It’s simple and can be played by those who wish to show their part of the world.



This interesting white building with its distinctive canopy is the National Assembly Building of Kuwait and is called Majlis Al-Umma in Arabic. It was designed by the famous Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, who also designed the Sydney Opera House.

Until recently, suffrage was limited to male Kuwaiti citizens above the age of 21 whose ancestors had resided in Kuwait since 1920. On May 16, 2005, the Assembly passed a law in support of women’s suffrage, allowing women to vote and run for office.

The modernity yet traditionality of the State of Kuwait is represented in its National Assembly building that was completed in 1985. The white of the building reflects the beautiful waters just beyond the building on the opposite side of Arabian Gulf road, from where I took these shots last week. The large canopy, which covers the entire building below hovers above an open courtyard and the sweeping roofs are said to have been designed to evoke Bedouin sentiments about whom I had written briefly here.



18 Responses to “My World Tuesday~4: National Assembly”

    have a nice week 🙂

  2. Beautiful building, and I like the idea of the roof evoking the Bedouin tents.

    Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  3. Indica: That is a wonderful story of women rights in you country. Your country may be one of the most modern in your area of the world.

  4. Hey, congratulations on the women’s suffrage thing…

  5. Beautiful architecture and I am glad to hear that women now have the vote and can run for office as well. Kuwait is a most progressive country, I just hope it does nt become too modernized or do I mean westernized.

  6. This was really interesting and a real look into your part of the world.

  7. The sweeping roof is very lovely. I don’t think that style of architecture would work well here in Canada because we get so much snow, but it’s striking!

  8. I am always awed by the beauty of your country and architechture. This is just more of it. Thank you for participating in My World. Your world intrigues me.

  9. This is very interesting. It must be a beautiful place! Wonderful photos:)

  10. i lived and taught in kuwait for four years and i remember this building well, i will be back every week to get a glimpse of this city once more.

  11. A wonderful building. Thank you for joining MWT.

  12. Thanks for opening a window to your world.
    Hallo from Germany

  13. Thanks for this information. That’s a beautiful building. Just made me think of how architecture unites!

  14. I did know about the suffrage issue because I follow world issues very closely, but I’ve never seen this building before. Amazing canopy.

  15. really good subject, and such an informative post.

  16. thank you for sharing with us the history of suffrage in your country. it is sometimes forgotten by many that women in many parts of our world still are unable to vote or voice their views.

  17. Just to clarify:

    I am a citizen of India, currently employed in Kuwait, and am NOT a Kuwaiti national. Kuwait is my temporary place of residence. However, I consider it was a triumphant day in May 2005 when a law was passed in favor of women’s suffrage in Kuwait that gave them the right to vote.

    Thank you very much for your visit and kind words here. Every word of encouragement is appreciated.

    – celine

  18. Thanks for telling that things are chanching in your world a lot.
    There are many nordic architects planing projects in the arabian world, and they are doing a good job.
    Hallo from Germany

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