SWF: Skywatching in Hatta

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Skywatching in Hatta

October 2008

Earlier this month, I went on an excursion to Hatta, 115 kms away from Dubai city. Hatta is a small town in the northern part of Dubai near the borders with Oman. From Hatta, I drove over to the border towns of the Sultanate of Oman.

The above picture was made on the way from Hatta to the Omani borders.

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Have a nice SWF and a beautiful week!


24 Responses to “SWF: Skywatching in Hatta”

  1. Perfect shot! Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize__ blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, and our own two eyes. All is a miracle!!! Happy sky watch! Hope too see you @ corner too…

  2. Beautiful fluffy cloud in the otherwise blue sky. 😉

  3. Great shot. I can feel the heat. I also like your header 🙂 Have a nice weekend

  4. Yeah, what a great shot. Love it.

    I live in Norway, but my neighbours and good friends are living in Kuwait at the moment. They enjoy their stay there. Say hello if you meet them. Mr. Myrstad is his name.

  5. Oh my… this is amazing… what a wonderful perspective in this photograph.

  6. Very nice composition. Amazing cloudscape.

  7. Love the sun rays shooting out from the cloud. Thanks for sharing.


  8. great photo

    Gill in Canada

  9. Excellent. Lovely dranatic sky and the composition of the watcher spot on.

  10. I am very impressed with your clouds with the sun breaking through. You almost expect a heavenly angel to come floating down.

  11. Very interesting POV. I like this so much.

  12. Beautiful sky!! thanks for sharing and happy SWF!

  13. Excellent composition. Very pleasing to the eye.

  14. Very clever composition! Very nice photo!

  15. Nice pic Celine.

  16. The person in the foreground really adds a lot of interest…

  17. That is a nice sky to watch. Clearly the person in the photo thinks so as well!

  18. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  19. indeed i could watch that sky for hours! thank you for sharing!

  20. Lovely sky, nice to see someone enjoying it too.

  21. Thats me : ) yipee……woohoo…….. please “”feel free”” to contact me !

  22. indicainq8 Says:

    Yes Don, that’s your photograph that I shot. Thank you for your visiting my new blog.:)

    My dear blog friends,

    Thanks to each and every one of you for your visit tomy blog and leave behind such nice words. I hope you keep dropping by. 🙂

  23. […] SWF: Skywatching in Hatta […]

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