Sunset at Sinai

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In Egypt, under Ptolemy II, a road was built linking Marsa Alam and Edfu and is still in use. Tourists wishing to travel on this route used to do that in convoys until the recent past, and probably still do.

Taxis needs to take prior permission from the relevant authorities before transporting tourists.

I travelled on this road from Marsa Alam to Luxor one warm evening last year.

These are some shots of the sunset viewed from the desert road running along the Sinai.

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Kuwait Towers

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A view from the Observation Sphere of the Tower

The Kuwait Towers consist of 3 towers situated along the Gulf Street, Kuwait. The towers were built by Energoprojekt, a company from Belgrade. They opened to the public in March of 1979.

Reflection on the triangular panels

The main tower is 187 metres high and serves as a restaurant and water tower alleged to be holding 4,500 cubic meters of water. It also has a moving Viewing Sphere which completes a full turn every 30 minutes. The second tower is 145.8 metres high and serves as a water tower. The third tower houses equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two larger towers.

Kuwait Towers from a distance

Camel Rider at Giza

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SWF: Marsa Alam

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Last week, I was in Egypt again in the Red Sea resort town of Marsa Alam. The waters of the Red Sea was blue, and so were the skies. I have some pictures of the blue waters of the Nile and the Red Sea in a brief post here.

These are pictures that were shot while on a road journey from Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam, to the ancient city of Thebes, Luxor. The swaying grass encouraged me to step out of an air-conditioned vehicle to take a few shots from the roadside in spite of the high summer temperatures and bright noon-time light when good photography is not possible.

Dust Storm

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Kuwait has been experiencing dust storms continuously the past few days and the temperature in the desert has been rising to almost 50 deg C.

I’m posting here pictures of an unusually different kind of dust storm that had kicked up here some months before. Please note these photos are not photoshopped and uploaded as shot. The second picture of normal colors of a human face shows the contrast with the color of the dust storm.

According to Wikipedia:

“A dust storm or sandstorm is a meteorological phenomenon common in arid and semi-arid regions and arises when a gust front passes or when the wind force exceeds the threshold value where loose sand and dust are removed from the dry surface.”

I had shot the first photograph by sticking the cam out from my office window through a busy day at work. I hope you found this post interesting.

– celine

SWF: Balloons over Thebes

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I shot these pictures whilst on an early morning hot air balloon ride in Luxor, Egypt.


And these traveling

Globes of thin air, red, green,


The heart like wishes or free

– Sylvia Plath


The thick shimmering white line seen in the photograph below is the great River Nile.


February 2009

Luxor, Egypt

Have a good SWF, a lovely weekend and to those who celebrate, a very Happy Easter.


SWF: Goodbye 2008

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A few pictures of the sunset time sky to symbolize the end of 2008.

Madikeri, Karnataka

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

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Happy New Year and have a great 2009.

– celine

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